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ICO image converter from TopOnlineTools.net is a no-cost online tool that can help users convert various image formats to ICO images with different icon sizes. This tool is extremely useful if you require your own ICO document from an Image.

ICO Converter is the best method to convert other image types into an ICO file. It allows conversion from PNG into ICO, JPG to ICO, and many other conversions. It also allows you to convert ICO files into various formats, including GIF and TIFF. You can also choose the ICO size you would like to create.

How To Use an ICO Converter Tool?

Utilizing this ICO Tool is simple, and you will be able to make your ICO files in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is go over to the Image Editing section on the TopOnlineTools website and select the tool for converting ICOs.

You can upload the image you wish to convert into ICO or find it from a distance when you're there. Select File to load an image from your computer, or click Use Remote URL to use an image already available on the internet. Copy and paste the URL for the image into the toolbox.

Then, select the size of your output image among 9 sizes. After that, click Convert, and afterward, download your ICO file.

Why Use an ICO Converter?

There are a lot of ICO image converter tools available on the internet; however, it appears to us, and many of our site's visitors, that the tool we use is among the top. Here are some reasons you should bookmark this tool.

  • TopOnlineTools ICO Tool for conversion is easy to use. The interface is beautiful and comfortable to use. It is simple and simple.
  • Our tool converts images in a flash. The tool can complete the job instantly, which means you can download the ICO file of your image in a flash.
  • The tool comes with 9 sizes you can pick among to calculate the ICO size of the File.
  • The tool is free for lifetime use at no cost. It isn't a limitation on usage of it, and you will not be financially charged.
  • You will discover various similar tools on this site if you're looking to do different conversions to different formats for images.

How to Install ICO Converters Tool

ICO converters Tool is easy to set up. Suppose the software is only available for a certain platform, like Windows or Mac. In that case, you have to download the installation file from the official website and then run it on a device that is compatible with that platform. But if the software can be used as an online converter, all you have to do to use it is go to the website of the software in question.

Adding a favicon to your website can make it easier for people to remember and read it more interestingly. But you can't make a favicon for your website using the JPG or PNG images you already have because they're too big for your website icon.

So, you must change them into ICO files before using them as favicons for your website. Your image can be shown in a very small size in ICO format. With the ICO converters tool, it's easy to turn any image into an ICO image so that you can use it as your website's favicon.

Best ICO Converter

Format Factory

You can convert audio, video, and image files to various formats with the assistance of Format Factory, a multimedia conversion application that is both free and fully functional. It provides a variety of capabilities, such as support for the majority of multimedia formats, the ability to repair damaged video files, minimize the size of multimedia files, and convert to ICO. It is downloadable for Microsoft Windows.


The PNG to ICO conversion tool that ConvertICO offers is free, incredibly simple, and quick to use. You can select images from a local disc, an online drive, or a specific URL when using this software to perform batch conversions of up to ten different pictures simultaneously. It can be accessed via the internet.