How to Grow a Small Business - Key Tips for Company Owner

Promising Points of Growth for Small Business Owners

Starting your own business is a special and promising moment. Managing a business is way easier with social media. Networks like Instagram are great for tasks like this and give people more chances to get their products and services out there. The real good news is that the Inflact toolkit provides owners with various Instagram tools for boosting their accounts.

grow your small business

Key elements that improve your IG working page


To successfully maintain a business profile, you need to focus on several things. For some of them, Inflact offers great Instagram automation tools. Let’s move to the point and learn five most important tips.


  • The right look. Firstly, make sure you have the IG business account (tap “Settings and privacy”, then “Account type and tools”). Complete the set up with name/username optimization. Choose product related words to make it easier for users to find you through the search. Write a short description about your brand in bio, leave contact info and a link to your website if you have one. Use the appropriate logo as the profile picture.


  • Entertainment. Be creative, fill your page with engaging content, showing your product at the same time. Use different types of content: photos, videos, reels, and stories. Explore popular trends if you need ideas. Look at the Inflact instruments such as IG Viewer and IG Downloader, because you have to know what your competitors are doing. These features will help you to stay anonymous while you explore their content, or save their images and clips for more detailed analysis.


  • The Power of Hashtags. Correctly selected tags can be ‘traced’ by the IG algorithm and attract the target audience straight to your posts. You can add up to 30 hashtags, but the overall style and profile perception matters. In order not to look too spammy, pick the 5-8 the best ones. Where to find them? Take the advantage of Hashtag Generator, a service belonging to the Instagram growth tools category. Generate the best tags by entering your keywords, the post URL or photos. See the statistics and mix frequent ones with the rare to get better results.


  • Analytics.  It’s a smart decision to analyze your profile data periodically. Thus, you will be able to make the necessary changes or switch the strategy at the right moment, if you feel that the current promotion results aren’t good enough. Once you get a business account, you will have access to your analytics. But it’s a huge advantage to know your competitors’ data and see how they manage their working pages. Inflact’s Profile Analyzer is a perfect Instagram analytic tool for that.


  • Collaboration. Consider an opportunity to cooperate with some popular influencers whose audience is related to your product or services. Or find a brand with similar goals that can complement your product. Manual research will not bring the detailed results. Profile Search is a way faster method to find a creator with the needed number of followers from every niche around the world.


Instagram marketing tools should be part of your business plan. Their use leads to subscribers’ growth, high engagement rate and the quality of the account. These are the elements you absolutely need to achieve success when running a business through Instagram.

Dispelling doubts about special Instruments


If you are still thinking about whether to use additional tools or not, the following facts prove that Inflact has a lot of advantages, and, most importantly, simplicity. 


  • It’s an online service. You don’t need to install any apps, just access the website from every device or platform.
  • Searching, viewing, and downloading is carried out by the copy-and-paste-the-link scheme.
  • Most of the instruments are free, including Hashtag Generator and Instagram downloaders. No payments required. 
  • Everything is safe. No one will steal your data, third parties won’t get any information and Insta users won’t know that you are viewing their content.

You can try out the best Instagram marketing tools for small businesses right now. For example, begin with Hashtag Generator, start growing the potential clients with just a couple of clicks.

Inflact marketing tools for small business



Instagram is the most appropriate social media platform to promote your brand. Start your business journey the right way. Make special IG instruments a part of your marketing strategy, and one day your small venture can grow into something bigger.