Torque Converter

A torque converter is an online tool used to convert torque units from one unit to another. Using our torque calculator, you can calculate torque values in different units.

What Is Torque?

Torque measures the force that causes an object to rotate around an axis or pivot point. It is often described as a rotational force. The magnitude of torque depends on the force applied and the distance between the axis of rotation and the point where the force is applied.

Mathematically, torque is defined as the product of the force and the perpendicular distance between the point of application of the force and the axis of rotation. The formula can express this:

Torque = Force x Distance x sin(θ)

Where θ is the angle between the force vector and the vector from the rotation axis to the force application's point, other torque units are also used in different fields, such as dyne-centimetre (dyn·cm) and kilogram-force meter (kgf·m). Still, the N·m and lb·ft units are the most commonly used in general engineering and physics.

Online Torque unit converter


What Is a Torque Converter Calculator?

A torque converter calculator is a software tool used to convert torque units from one measurement system to another. Users can input a value in one unit, such as N·m or lb·ft, and the torque calculator will convert it into other units of torque. 

Some torque calculators may also allow users to input additional variables, like distance or angle, to calculate torque. These tools are helpful for engineers, mechanics, and students working with torque and rotational forces.

You can use a Torque Conversion Calculator to convert the different units of torque.


How To Use A Torque Converter By Worldwebtool?

There are many torque calculators available online. You can use a Torque Conversion Calculator by the Worldwebtool in the following given easy steps:

  • Open the torque converter to convert the torque units.

torque converter | worldwebtool

  • Enter the amount of torque in the toolbox.

Torque Conversion Calculator

  • Now select the unit of the torque to which you want to convert.

torque calculator | worldwebtool

  • Click on the “converter” button.

Torque Converter Calculator

  • The Torque Units Converter will convert the unit into other units and show you a list of relevant units.

Torque Units Converter


Features Of Our Torque Converter

With the torque converter tool by Worldwebtool, you can enjoy the following features:


  • List Of Units

When you use our torque converter, it will provide you with a list of units. If you want to convert the unit from one to another, there is no need to convert them one by one.

Using our Torque Units Converter, you can enter the value and select any unit, and the tool will automatically convert that unit into all available units. Hence, it will show you a list of units.


  • Saves Time

As it automatically offers you a list of units, you need not convert them individually. Hence, the tool saves time for you. You can get all possible unit conversions with just one click.

Moreover, the tool does not require any registration process before use. It means you can land on the tool and start using it. This feature also adds value to your saving time.


  • Free To Use

The other feature of our Torque Units Conversion tool is that it is free to use. Yes, you can use it without paying the price. Just enter the value and click on the convert button to convert units. Not only is it free, but also it is unlimited.

It means you can use it for unlimited time to convert units. You can use it at any time. Hence, it is available24/7/ No registration process and no charges, saving you time and money.


  • Fastest Conversion

If you are in a hurry and want to convert the units, you can rely on our Torque Units Converter. Our tool will convert the units fastest and present the result in the minimum time. The results provided by our till are always accurate.

Hence, you can rely on the data provided by our Torque measurement unit tool. You need to see the result immediately. Our tool will show you just in a few seconds.


Who Can Use A Torque Converter?

Anyone who needs to convert torque units can use a torque conversion calculator, including students, engineers, mechanics, and other professionals who work with torque and rotational forces.

For example, suppose someone is designing a mechanical system and must calculate the torque required to rotate a shaft or move a load. In that case, they may use a torque converter calculator to convert torque units from one system of units to another.

Similarly, suppose a mechanic is working on a vehicle and needs to specify the torque to be applied to a bolt or nut. In that case, they may use a torque calculator to convert the torque specification from one unit of measurement to another.


Is There A Free Torque Converter Calculator Available?

Yes, there are a lot of free torque converters available. Moreover, they may demand the registration process. It is possible that all that may not be secure, but you can use a torque unit converter by Worldwebtool.

It is not only free for its users but also safe and secure. It does not require any registration process. It does not save your personal information. Hence, it ensures your security.