Time Converter

 Time Converter

Our Free time converter will help you convert time in the second millisecond of months, or years.

Calculator Use

After inputting the time value and the units, choose the time unit to which you want to convert it. Perform a conversion between different units of time, including seconds, minutes, microseconds, and nanoseconds. You may even convert to weeks, months, or years in addition to days, weeks, and years.
This time conversion calculator determines the length of a month based on the standard calendar of thirty-four and one-half days each month. This is equivalent to dividing 365 days by 12 months. There are 30.416 days in a month when you divide 365 by 12.

The time converter uses a standard year of 365 days for calculating years. This calculator does not take into account the additional day that is added to leap years, which are years that have 366 total days.

How to convert between the various units of time

By multiplying or dividing a given amount of time with the help of conversion factors, it is possible to convert one unit of time into another. When you are familiar with the conversion factor, converting between different units is a breeze.

S* C = E

A beginning value is denoted by "S." The end product is, since C is converted to it.

Conversions Employing the Use of Seconds

The following table provides conversion factors that may be multiplied to convert any given time value to seconds using the table.

Take this example to see how to convert 120 minutes to seconds.

Multiply the total time of 120 minutes by the rate of 60 seconds each minute.

  • 7200 seconds is equal to 120 minutes multiplied by 60 seconds

Consider the following: how many hours are in 28,800 seconds?

  •  Perform the following calculation: multiply 28,800 seconds by 1/3600 hours per second
  •  This is the same as dividing 28,800 seconds by the standard rate of 3600 seconds per hour
  •  28,800 sec multiplied by 3600 sec/h equals 8 hours

Multiplying by the factor A to convert into seconds, and then multiplying by the factor B to convert from seconds, will allow you to convert any unit that is shown in the left-hand column. The simplified factor can also be found by multiplying the conversion factor A by the conversion factor B.

Multiplying a value by 60 and then dividing it by 3600 will convert it from minutes to hours. Multiplying 60 by 3600 yields the result 0.01666666767, which is another name for this calculation. Multiplying the number of minutes by 0.016 gives you the same number of hours.