HTML Beautifier

HTML Beautifier is an online tool used to beautify HTML code. Using our HTML Formatter, you can make your HTML code more readable by beautifying the dirty code.


What Is HTML Beautifier?

HTML Beautifier is a tool or software that can automatically format or clean up HTML code to make it easier to read and understand. It works by analyzing the HTML code and applying proper indentation, line breaks, and spacing to the code to make it more readable and organized.

HTML code can often become messy and difficult to read, especially when it's been edited multiple times or written by different people. An HTML Formatter can help to solve this problem by automatically reformatting the code to make it more visually appealing and easier to navigate.


How To Use HTML Beautifier By Worldwebtool?

Worldwebtool offers a variety of tools. You can use its HTML Validator by following the steps.

HTML Indenter

  • Please enter the HTML codes in the toolbox to beautify them.

HTML Indenter

  • Click on the “beautify” button.

HTML Validator

The HTML Formatter will offer you the beautified code within a few seconds.

You can use these codes according to your needs.


What Benefits of Using HTML Beautified Codes?

The following benefits of using HTML beautified codes:

In HTML beautified codes, the open and closed tags are managed appropriately. This well-designed style helps you make your indent well-structured.

In HTML beautified code, less or no bad codes are present. Only readable and well-designed codes are present. This makes you easily read them. You can also optimize the formatting method efficiently.

Developers widely use HTML code. Using the HTML beautified code by HTML beautifier also helps the developer to figure out the extensively large code from their parts. Developers can also use our JavaScript Minifier to minify the JavaScript.


The beautified code can also help a developer to increase its credibility among other developers. When a developer uses the beautified code, it automatically builds a professional image in other eyes.


Who Chooses Our HTML Beautifier?

You can choose our HTML Formatter due to the following features:


  • Beautified Code

One of the best things HTML developers want is to get beautified code. Using our beautifier tool, a developer can get the beautified code. Our HTML Validator will automatically clean up unnecessary or complex code from the input file and present the well-structured and well-styled code to its users. You can use these codes without any hesitation according to your needs.


  • One Click Process

Our HTML Validator works on the one-click process. One-click process means you can use our tool just by clicking the button. You do not need to pay any fee to use our HTML online formatter. Not only this but it is also unlimited to use.

You can use it for as much time as you want. In addition to this, our Online HTML Viewer does not require a registration process to proceed. It means just land on our HTML online formatter and starts doing your work without wasting time. Our JavaScript deobfuscator also does not require any registration or fee.


  • Compatibility

Besides the feature mentioned above, our tool's other feature is its compatibility. You can use our HTML Validator on multiple devices. Our HTML Beautify tool offers the same efficient result on any device.

It does not matter if you use an HTML format tool on MAC or PC; you will get the same accurate and beautified code in less time. Our Online HTML Viewer is also available 24/7. You can access the HTML Formatter at any time and at any place.


  • User-Friendly Interface

Our HTML Validator is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to interact and navigate. The interface is intuitive and straightforward, allowing users to quickly access and utilize the tool's features without confusion or frustration.

With our tool's user-friendly design, users can easily accomplish their tasks and achieve their goals efficiently.



Are HTML Beautifiers and HTML Formatters The Same?

Yes, HTML Beautifier and HTML formatter are the same tools. HTML formatter arranges the HTML code, so everyone can read it easily. HTML Beautifier also helps the developer to clean up the existing code to improve its readability.


Is It Secure to Use HTML Beautifier?

There are many tools available to beautify HTML code. Some of them may need to be more secure. They can save your data or can sell it to a third party. Our tools are different. You can use it without any insecurity. Our HTML Indenter does not save any data. It ensures the security and safety of your work. Hence, you can use it without hesitation because it is secure.


Is There Any Free HTML Beautifier Available?

Yes, there are many HTML beautifiers available. You can use any of them. But some of them may also demand you to register before using. This can be time-consuming for you. You can use an HTM formatter by Worldwebtool.


This is not only free to use but also does not require any registration process. Hence, it saves time as well money. Moreover, HTML Indenter is very secure to use. You need not worry about accuracy because it always shows accurate results.