Can Google Detect AI-Generated Content?

Although Google releases new algorithms daily, are they spying on you? For example, when you use AI-generated content, can they detect it?


The short answer is YES. AI-generated content is typically detectable by Google.


Let's discuss what it means to create your content and the precautions you may take to lessen the chance of being accused of producing AI-generated material.

can google detect ai content?


Google's Official Statement and AI Content Standards

The following is what Google's Webmaster Guidelines state explicitly regarding what it considers to be AI and what it does in response to it:

"Content that has been generated automatically, or "auto-generated," is content that has been produced through software. Google may take action on content designed to manipulate search rankings rather than benefit users. To name a few, but not all, example cases are:

  1. Unreadable text, which nonetheless contains potential search words.
  2. Text that has been automatically translated without editing or review by a human.
  3. Text is produced using automated techniques like Markov chains.
  4. Text created by mechanical methods for obfuscation or synonymization.
  5. Text created by scraping search results or Atom/RSS feeds.
  6. Merging or stitching together content from many web pages without adding enough value.

In other words, it violates the Google Webmaster Guidelines in general.

Why artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content violates Google's webmaster guidelines.

AI-generated content goes against Google's Webmaster Guidelines because of it… always has.

John Mueller, the Search Ambassador for Google, reaffirmed during a recent Google SEO office hour that AI writing tools are regarded as AI-generated content, which is prohibited under the webmaster standards and is always against the guidelines.

During these office hours, Mueller even went so far as to claim that content created by computers constituted spam, which Google has never been ok with.

google policy about ai content

Is AI Content Unfavorable to SEO?

Content with detectable AI indeed harms your SEO strategies.

Since Google has said that AI content violates its policies, it is reasonable to assume that if AI can detect that AI created your content, it will penalize your website.


It's crucial to remember that they haven't indicated exactly what the "penalty" will consist of. However, it will likely affect SEO.


How Does Google Detect Content With AI?

Well, how does Google decide what content is and isn't AI-related?

You can find AI material in many instances by using your eyes alone. For example, you can find it very easy if you're looking for artificial writing because computers can't write like people.

This is due to the patterns in AI writing. It combines already-existing internet information and is unable to produce original material. For Google, these patterns are evident and observable. It was even more evident in prior versions of AI programming. However, machine learning has made great strides.

The third-generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer, or GPT-3, is a modern advancement in neural network machine learning technology. It has significantly advanced from previous models and can now produce written text that is more human-like than ever.

Even though AI content has come a long way since its infancy, it still lacks the human element of surprise, which is why Google can occasionally tell artificial content from humans.

Can Google Detect Content With AI?

John Mueller refused to categorize whether Google can detect AI content when pushed.

They can tell if the AI text needs better written and reviewed by an actual human before publication. However, it will be more difficult for Google to identify it if it is better executed, edited, and corrected by a person before publication.

It's more problematic that Google can distinguish between high- and low-quality content than between "genuine" and "false" information.


How will's AI generation tool help you with your issue?

The most excellent AI generation tool in this situation is ours. There are actions you can do to reduce the likelihood that Google will find your AI material, and our technology is very good at doing so.

All users must do is confirm that the content has been reviewed and modified by humans. After that, fact-checking, spelling-checking, rewriting for clarity, and adding personality to the content are necessary. Since few AI tools, except for, are guided and given explicit instructions to produce the finest content, it is also crucial to include all pertinent information at the beginning.

Do not simply put in a phrase and copy/paste the result onto your website without looking at it. Instead, read the material and make minor corrections per the content's style.

Is the Risk of AI-Generated Content Worth It?

If you have the right tools, such as those from, taking the risk is worthwhile, given how much time and money AI-generated content can save.

Use a top-notch AI writer first, such as The best AI content will be produced as a result. Even a tool to determine how human-like your text is is available on our website.

Following that, always have a human review of everything. Then, only publish automatically generated content on your website with having it properly edited.

In the end, Google still lags behind the most recent AI writing tools, making it look like a relatively low risk for a considerable gain.


What is the takeaway from all of this?

With the development of AI writing tools, the controversy over Google's position on content produced by machines has grown.

With low-quality or automatically created content, Google has previously punished websites.

Google now mainly targets "spammy automatically generated content" in its evolving policy on AI-generated content. However, if you employ a tool like World Web Tool, there is a 99% probability that your efforts will be rewarded.


Is Jasper AI Content Detectable by Google?

Yes, given that Google can (theoretically) recognize content authored by AI, it can also acknowledge Jasper AI content. For this reason, we advise having a human review your AI content before it is published.

Is ChatGPT Content Detectable by Google?

No, and yes. Once more, ChatGPT is an AI writer, so Google may find it and penalize you for it.

But because ChatGPT is so sophisticated, it's likely to produce undetectable stuff. Of course, you may always ask ChatGPT to rewrite it for you and run it through one of the available AI detectors if you need clarification on its detection.

What Are the Risks and Consequences for AI Content on Google?

If Google's webspam team discovers AI-generated content on your website, they will take appropriate action. Although it is unknown what steps they will take, it may be assumed that they will affect SEO and site rankings.

What type of AI writing performs best in Google search results?

The most excellent AI writing for Google search rankings is Content at Scale.

Why does Google despise AI content?

Because AI material is spam rather than original, Google despises it. But, of course, Google hates spam, too.