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YouTube to MP3 converter is an online tool that helps to convert YouTube videos to mp3 music files. Using our YouTube converter, you can extract MP3 audio from YouTube in different sizes to download.

Have you come upon a YouTube video that you want to turn into mp3? We got it.

Youtube to MP3

To watch a video later on your iPod, PC, or smartphone, you may frequently wish to have it available to you in audio format. In contrast, without the proper online youtube tool, converting YouTube to MP3 is difficult.

For you to rip the audio from a YouTube video to mp3 like an expert, we present our online great tool. Let's go over the fundamentals before we talk about our online Youtube downloader and converter that convert and download youtube videos. You just have to click the download button to use this youtube fastest converter.


What Is YouTube To MP3 Converter?

 A YouTube to MP3 converter is an online tool or software application that allows users to extract the audio from a YouTube video and save it as an MP3 file.

The tool takes the video's URL and converts the video into an MP3 file that can be downloaded and saved onto a device. This is useful for people who want to listen to music or other audio content offline without streaming the video whenever they want to hear it.

With the use of a YouTube to MP3 converter, audio from YouTube videos may be extracted and converted into MP3 files for rapid and secure access whenever needed.

You can listen to your preferred YouTube video to mp3 without an internet connection by using a YouTube audio downloader.

Youtube view downloader


How To Use A YouTube To MP3 Converter?

Many online tools can convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio formats. You can use a youtube converter to mp3 by Worldwebtool to convert a YouTube video. Follow the simple steps to use our tool:


Convert YouTube videos to mp3 music files

  • Paste The YouTube video's links in the box.

free Youtube MP3 converter

  • The YouTube Converter will fetch the video and will present its MP3 formats in front of you.

FREE Online Video Converter

  • You can click the “download” button to download the MP3 format.


Features Of YouTube To MP3 Converter By Worldwebtool:

There are many features that our tool offers. Some of them are given below:


  • Multiple Options To Download

Our tool converts YouTube videos into different sizes of files. You can click to download any of the files. Different size options will provide you with ease. You can prefer the large size if you want to download a quality audio format. You can download the lower kbps size file if you are rushing and have limited MBs.


  • High-Quality Conversion

Our YouTube converter not only converts the videos into different sizes of MP3 files but also presents you with high-quality results. You can download any of the files. You will find the quality in each file. You can enjoy the quality of converted files.


  • Convert On PC and Mobile

You can use our tool on multiple devices. You can use our tool on your PC If you use a PC and want to convert the YouTube video to MP3. Copy and paste the link to the toolbox, giving you multiple download options.


If you use a mobile, there is no need to worry too. You can use our tool on mobile too. The conversion will be speedy on mobile as well as on PC. Our password generator is also compatible with multiple devices.


  • Easy To Use

You can use the tool with ease. There is no need to follow the complex steps to download the file. You can paste the link into the toolbox. The rest of the function will be performed by the YouTube converter automatically.


It will fetch the YouTube video and offer you multiple options to download. You can download any files by clicking on the download option.


  • Safe And Secure

Our free Youtube MP3 converter ensures the safety and security of our users. You need not worry while converting YouTube to MP3 formats. Our tool is completely safe and secures to use. It will not steal your data or sell to any third party.

Moreover, the virus attack will also be negligible using our tool. Our free online video converter and YouTube thumbnail downloader are safe and secure.


Why Use an MP3 Format?

There are the following reasons that can allow you to use an MP3 format:


  • Offline Listening

YouTube's videos require an internet connection to be played, but MP3 files can be downloaded and played offline. Using a free online video converter, users can download audio content and listen to it even when they don't have an internet connection. Hence, you can use the tool to convert videos to MP3 format when you know you will visit an area where internet connectivity is unavailable.


  • Saves Your MBs

A youtube converter to mp3 can also save MBs for you. Listening to the same song continuously on YouTube will drain MBs again and again from your internet package. Hence, you may need to recharge again and again.

In contrast to this, you can convert the song into MP3 format. It will drain your MBS only once while converting. After that, there is no need to repeatedly use MBS to listen to that MP3 song format. Because MP3 format files do not require MBs to play.


  • Compressed Format

MP3 is an efficient compression format. This format uses a compression algorithm to compress the files. The compressed file can be stored easily in less space. Large space is optional to save them.

Moreover, compressing the files also ensures the compressed files' quality. Hence, this makes storing and transmitting audio files easier, especially over the internet.


What To Take Into Account When Selecting An MP3 Converter For Youtube?

Creators and marketers are aware of how valuable YouTube is. However, an effective solution is needed to convert YouTube videos into audio files. There is no one-size-fits-all YouTube audio downloader, however, the following things should be taken into consideration: 


  1. Safety:

Consider safety to be more important than any other criterion on this list. The site's information should stay private and the tool should have a professional appearance.

You should avoid using a YouTube video to MP3 converter that includes malicious software or trojans in its files. Keep in mind that pop-up advertisements and links may be warning signs.


  1. Features:

These days, YouTube MP3 downloaders are stacked with different capabilities. Assess your needs, then pick a tool with the features you desire.

Does the tool support various other formats, for instance, if you need to convert your YouTube content to MP3 as well as other forms like MP4 or WAV? Before downloading the music can you alter the clips?

If the task involves converting many YouTube videos into mp3 music files, some may even require batch processing. Others, on the other hand, might require a straightforward free youtube fastest tool that performs the converting task well. Find out what you need, then search for a tool that provides it.


  1.  Conversion speed:

The tool's conversion speed is still another important consideration. Your preferred YouTube MP3 downloader has to have the ability to quickly convert YouTube videos to MP3.

Keep in mind that prolonged video conversion time may reduce productivity. Therefore, locate a youtube fastest converter.

Depending on how long the movie is, a good tool should do the task in between 30 seconds and a few minutes. The best youtube converters can do this job.


  1. Audio quality:

Audio is an effective marketing tool. The tool should ideally provide you with a selection of high-quality resolutions, preferably low, medium, and high.

When you download youtube files, take cloud storage capacity into account if it's important to you.


  1. Supported formats:

Sometimes you might want to change a YouTube video from MP3 to a different format. If so, be sure the program you choose is compatible with a variety of file types, including MP4, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and AAC.


  1. Online Vs. Desktop App:

To convert YouTube to MP3, you can download apps from some companies for desktop and mobile devices. Instead, check for a browser-based YouTube to MP3 converter if you don't feel comfortable using software that must be downloaded to your device.


Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter:

The WorldWebTool is among the best YouTube to mp3 converters. Free, unlimited YouTube to MP3 conversion is available. You can save any YouTube video to your device by using WorldWebTool to convert it to MP3.

Video to MP3 Converter

We encourage downloading the best-quality MP3 files (64kbps to 320kbps). Download Youtube videos can be turned into mp3 music files in only a few seconds and are then ready to be played on your device. Many users utilize the services of this online tool.

The Use Of Our Video Downloader Has Several Advantages:

  1. Save your preferred YouTube music files as mp3s by quickly and conveniently downloading them.

  2. With only one click, you may download youtube videos to share with friends.

  3. Keep the audio quality while downsizing the file size by converting your Instagram videos to mp3s.

  4. You can convert your file into different output formats.

  5. You can download a youtube video or convert them into an audio file in just one click and share it on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Qualities Of This Youtube To MP3 Converter:

  1. Free and no limit

Download and convert as many video/audio files as you want for free. This software provides unlimited downloads.

  1. No account registration is necessary:

Downloading requires no account registration.

  1. 100% safe.

  2. Quick and adaptable:

Fastest download and conversion times. Downloadable video and audio files come in a variety of different quality options.

  1. Supports all devices and browsers:

You can download it on any device and even on any browser.

      6. Support downloads in high quality:

Keep the video's original quality while it downloads videos. Support 320kbps for MP3s and HD download quality for videos.


How To Convert YouTube to MP3 On A Desktop?

Similar to Android phones, PCs and systems can convert youtube videos to MP3 files.

  1. Open the browser, then go to YouTube. Choose the necessary video, then copy the video URL:

Double-click your chosen browser. Open YouTube by doing a search for it. Find the necessary video by searching for it, then copy the youtube URL.

  1. Copy the link to the YouTube to MP3 Converter Platform into a new tab.

Open a new tab. Search for our website and click to open it. Phones, laptops, and computers can all be supported by our website.

  1. Copy the youtube URL, then click "Download."

Click Convert after pasting the copied youtube address. You'll see a drop box with a request for a resolution. Choose the necessary bitrate, then click "Download." Wait until your system downloads a youtube video. You will be able to open your file once the downloading process completes.

  1. Change the location of the file by opening Downloads.

Go to Downloads in MyPC or ThisPC. The audio file you downloaded is there. To cut a file, click it and press CTRL + X on your keyboard. Choose a location for this file on your computer by choosing a folder. To paste the video, press CTRL + V. 

  1. Start VLC Player and open the file.

Select the file and use the right-click menu to play the audio. A box will show up; click on Open With, choose VLC Media Player, and the audio will start playing.


How Can YouTube Videos Be Converted To MP3 On An Android Or iPhone?

  1. Open YouTube Choose the necessary video and click "Share":

Launch the YouTube application. Find the video that has to be converted by using a search engine.

On the chosen video, you can see the share option. Click that. The COPY LINK option is available. The youtube address\youtube URL to the chosen video gets copied to the clipboard when you click on that.

  1. Open a new tab and paste the YouTube to MP3 converter website's link:

Having chosen a website, please enter the youtube link, paste it into the box provided, then select "Convert."

  1. Choose the necessary bitrate and resolution, then click the "Convert" or "Download button":

Nowadays, websites give users a choice of bitrates. The measures for audio formats are called bitrates. It evaluates the individual audio's clarity and quality. One can choose the alternatives based on the need and storage capacity. The website loads after selecting, showing the download option. Click the download button.

  1. Go to Downloads and modify the file's location there:

The audio download is stored in the downloads folder of the web browsers. You can choose a different folder or file to save it in.


How To Convert Youtube Videos on MAC?

  1. Launch your browser, then Open our online tool:

Open your browser and search WorldWebTool in the address bar. The downloader will download once you click the Download button. Open Downloads now, then right-click the file. The application will be installed on your Mac after you click Install.

  1. Open YouTube and copy the video's link:

Search for the desired video on YouTube. Copy the youtube URL. This software will help you in downloading videos.

  1. Open the application, paste the link, and then download:

To launch the application, double-click on it. You should paste the copied link into the box that appears.

Choose MP3 and the necessary Bitrate, then click the download button. There will be a download of the processed audio. So, you downloaded music file with the best youtube software that converts videos into music and let you share them on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Converting YouTube To MP3 Files, Is It Legal?

However, now that you are aware of the fundamental procedures to convert YouTube to MP3 files, the crucial question of "Is it legal to do this?" arises.

Let us point out that if a video is copyrighted, you are not authorized to convert it to MP3 and hence cannot do so. Additionally, different rules apply when you convert YouTube videos to mp3 music files in numerous nations.

However, if you are not exploiting the footage for financial gain, it is typically not regarded as a breach of the user's convert and download a youtube video. In some jurisdictions, it is also regarded as a crime.

Please keep in mind that we only advocate downloading free videos and music from social media networks. We are not liable for any infringement of intellectual property rights.

Music On YouTube:

To listen to and download music of high-quality available on YouTube, users will need our free online youtube to mp3 converter. On YouTube, users have the option of making their playlists or listening to those that are already online or suggested by YouTube.

YouTube music has a variety of playlists of choice of music, such as fitness, party, etc. You can convert and download music and listen to them offline whenever you want with our great tool.

This free youtube converter helps in converting youtube videos. It also gives the option to download youtube videos. With this Youtube app, downloading videos becomes possible.

You can convert your favorite videos to any output format with this free tool. Among many web browsers, WorldWebTool is the best option for the fastest Youtube to mp3 conversion.

Users just need to download the link and paste it into the website to convert youtube videos to music.

About Our Youtube To MP3 Converter SaaS:

It is a free youtube downloader and converter software that converts youtube videos to mp3 music files. Users can use it on pc, iPhones, Android, etc.

It doesn't compromise on quality. This software provides high-quality audio files and converts youtube videos to mp3 for free. This downloader is the fastest one. Copy the youtube video URL and paste it into the downloader. You have to wait until this downloader converts and downloads your video.

Our Converter Has The Following Features:

  • Youtube video downloader

  • Instagram video downloader

  • Instagram video to mp3 converter

  • Tiktok video downloader

  • Tiktok video to mp3 converter

Final Thoughts:

You need a free youtube downloader that downloads youtube videos for free. For uploading their most recent releases, multimedia and audio creators frequently use YouTube.

You can download the music file to access it while you are offline. You can save it anywhere on your device like google drive, my computer, etc.

We want to make sure you enjoy yourself with this online great tool. Enjoy your listening with the best fastest youtube downloader!



Is Converting YouTube To MP3 legal?

The answer to the question that lies above is complex. Downloading music from YouTube may be legal or illegal. It is illegal to download a YouTube video if it is downloaded without permission from the copyright owner.


However, downloading non-copyright music from YouTube is not illegal. If the YouTube video is non-copyright, you can download it in the mP3 format using a free YouTube to MP3 converter.


Is There Any Free YouTube to MP3 Converter Available?

Yes, there are many MP3 converters available. Some of them are free to use, and some may demand money. You can use a free Youtube MP3 converter by Worldwebtool. It does not require any cash and does not ask you for registration.


You can land on our tool to convert and download YouTube videos to MP3 audio files. The beauty of this tool is that it will give you multiple options to download the mpo3 file in different sizes.