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aws create ubuntu ec2 instance

EC2 stands for, Elastic Compute Cloud.  It is a part of Amazon’s cloud-computing platform, Which allows users to rent virtual computers on which they can run their own computer applications. Creating and using the EC2 instance is very simple. Launching EC2 instances is one of the most basic tasks AWS cloud users perform. AWS makes it easy to complete the EC2 instance launch process, but there are still many steps involved.

Following are the steps:

Step 1: Create /login to aws account

After creating account ,you can click on login button for getting login.

You will see a screen like attached screen below

aws login for free tier

after selecting user and adding email ,you will see a screen for password

aws console login

After succesffull login, aws dashboard screen is available

aws ec2 dashboard

Step 2: EC2 Service

 AWS page, click on service, and find EC2 option.

Step 3: Create an EC2 Instance

  click on launch instance button 

sharepoint aws instance launch

after clicking on Launch instance button ,will be redirect on creating instance page.The design of this page is updated in 2022 so here you can select all the stuff in a single page.

  • Select Name of the instance ,tags
  • Most importance server type. We can select ubuntu server ,linix server ,windows or mac os also for your instance.
  • Very intrasting we can select os Architecture (64-bit *86 , 64-bit Arm) .
  • After selecting architecture , select the instance type with Free tier eligible.
  • Select the security group for login. 

    Add the ports which you wanted to Open to the outside world. I have added Port 8000 since I want to deploy my website to this port.

    Also, I have added HTTP and HTTPS port. means you can access these ports from anywhere. If you want to access your ports from a known IP address then mention those addresses here.

  • Then select Network settings.
  • Then select the storage ,select available free tier storage
  • At last select number of instances and then click on launch instance button

Visual Respresentation of steps:


ec2 instance name and tag


Server in aws ec2 instance


aws architecture ec2 instance


aws ec2 login pair


Aws ec2 network settings

storage aws


instance screen

These are the basic steps for creating instance on EC2.

For creating account on amazon ,click here