Multiple Mail Accounts In Iphone

How to add multiple mail accounts in iPhone mail

If your service provider allows IMAP or POP connectivity, you may add any email account to the iPhone's default Mail app. The software also features in-app configuration settings that make adding email accounts housed on significant services like, Yahoo, and Gmail easier. It's easiest to start by opening the Mail app and then selecting your preferred email service provider to add. If your preferred option isn't shown, select Other.

Add Multiple Email Accounts to iPhone.

Adding your email accounts to the iPhone's Mail app is necessary to access your email messages from any service, be it Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, or any other. When an iPhone is set up with an email account, any messages sent to or received from that account will be accessible through the Mail app.

The Mail app will automatically sort your incoming email into folders labeled with the service provider's name, such as Gmail, Outlook, etc. With this information, let's examine the iPhone's capability of handling multiple email accounts. Alternate between various email accounts and set one as the default.

Add Email Accounts to iPhone.

The Mail app is compatible with various email services, including Apple's iCloud, Google's Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and many others.

  • Navigate to Mail > Accounts > Add Account > and then choose your email service provider from the drop-down menu.
  • Sign in with your Email and Password on the following two screens.
  • To enable email, you'll need to do the following: go to the next screen, toggle its switch to the ON position, and then hit Save.
  • If you have additional email accounts, follow the instructions above for each.

Set Default Email Address on iPhone

With an iPhone, you may choose a default email account whenever you compose and send an email. This is useful if you have more than one email address.

  • Select Default Account by navigating to Settings > Mail > Scrolling down to the bottom.
  • Choose the account you wish to use as your default for sending messages from your iPhone on the next screen.

As of this point forward, when you send an email from your smartphone, the Default Email Address will always display as the From Address.

Switch Between Different Email Accounts on iPhone

Quickly and easily toggling between your many email accounts is a breeze using the Mail app.

  • Launch the iPhone's Mail app and then hit the Compose button in the app's bottom right corner.
  • Locate the From Email Address Field on the New Message page and press it.
  • A list of your email addresses will appear at the bottom of the page if you tap the From field a second time.
  • Just click the drop-down menu next to "From" and choose the account you wish to send the email from, as seen in the image.
  • Because the "From" Field will now display the specified email address, you may rest assured that your email will be sent from the correct Address.

How to Manually Add an Email Account to Your iPhone

Adding an email address from a service other than those listed in the previous section requires a few extra clicks and pieces of information. Once more, you'll need to have an existing provider account. Once everything is complete, you can add a new email account to your iPhone as follows:

  • Go back and do what is outlined in bullet points 1 through 3 in the previous paragraph.
  • Rely on Other People instead.
  • Make a new email account by clicking the corresponding button.
  • In the fields provided, enter your name, the email address you wish to add, the password for that account, and a description or name for that email address, and then click Next.
  • Confirm the email account using the IMAP or POP protocol, depending on your preferences. You may learn much more about the two alternatives by clicking the links. Still, in a nutshell, the difference between IMAP and POP is that IMAP. A copy of your emails remains on the server, while with POP, you get a copy on your iPhone. Your email service provider may have recommended one or the other. In any case, please select your preferred option by tapping on it.
  • Don't forget to fill out the form. The essential details in the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server sections may be found. These require a Host Name, such as, and credentials to reach the specified server. This should have been delivered to you by your email service provider. The alternative is to request it directly.
  • Having completed that, you may proceed by selecting Next.